Annual Report


Dear Friends,

The numbers for 2017 tell a remarkable story. This was a year of considerable growth for The Cape Cod Foundation. Thanks to you.

• We distributed $3.4 million in grants and scholarships, an increase of $500,000 over 2016
• We added 19 new funds to our portfolio, a 30% increase from 2016
• We received 1,000 more individual gifts this year than last
• We realized a $2.4 million increase in new gifts to funds from 2016
• Our net assets grew $9.3 million, bringing total assets to $61.5 million

Naturally, financial growth and stability are critical to our success and sustainability. But, to us, growth is about more than numbers. It’s about creating positive and permanent change in the community. That’s what Community Foundations like us were created to do: build resources and grant opportunities for the betterment of the community. Now and in the future.

However, it’s very difficult to increase impact and outcomes by focusing solely on current needs. The challenges we face are simply too great and too complex for short-term solutions. The Chinese proverb will always hold true: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. We need to be more proactive. We need to view our work through a wider lens with a sharper focus. We need to make a bold and deliberate shift in our overall direction: to strategically and steadily expand the capacity of local nonprofit organizations so that we can develop and implement long-term solutions for our community’s greatest challenges. And we are.

On page 4, you’ll learn more about one of the major new initiatives we initiated in 2017, and we’ll continue to update you on the entire scope of our work along the way. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,” the great philosopher Lao Tzu once said. We agree. The road is long; there are no easy, fast fixes. Some days this will be a journey of baby steps. Other days, we’ll be able to make longer strides. No matter what, we’re on the right road. No matter what, we’ll get where we’re going. And, we’ll get there together.

Henry R. Holden
Board Chairman

Kristin O’Malley
President and CEO