Falmouth Fund

Falmouth Matters. This year.  Every Year.

A town is not just a place. It’s a community. Everyone is connected. Together, the people who live there share something special. That’s why a group of residents established The Falmouth Fund in 2009. They wanted to support nonprofit organizations that were doing remarkable things in the community. They wanted to help make a difference in people’s lives. And they certainly have.

Over the past ten years, The Falmouth Fund has awarded nearly $500,000 in grants to more than 70 organizations. It has helped power up food pantries, shelters, health centers, and mentoring programs. It has helped bring equipment, resources, and opportunities to seniors, women in transition, and those with disabilities. It has helped build playgrounds, send kids to camp, and fund busses for field trips. It has helped preserve historical buildings and precious open spaces. It has supported talks, concerts, film festivals, and new theatrical works. Because of the generosity of the community, The Falmouth Fund has done so much. With continued support, it can do so much more.  

IMPACT 2018:  The Falmouth Fund Awards $100,000 to 27 Nonprofit Organizations Serving The Community
IMPACT 2010-2018:  The Falmouth Fund Awards Nearly $500,000 In Grants to 70+ Nonprofit Organizations



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Sharon Nunes, The Falmouth Fund Advisory Committee Chair
508-388-7132 or sln206cape@comcast.net

Kristin O’Malley, President and CEO, The Cape Cod Foundation
508.790.3040 or komalley@capecodfoundation.org