Cape-wide Youth Action Plan

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In 2009, The Cape Cod Foundation released a report entitled Understanding Cape Cod. Following the release of Understanding Cape Cod the Foundation engaged the general public as well as Foundation donors and friends in a series of community forums, to garner feedback on the report and its contents. The information from the forums was compiled and presented to the Cape Cod Foundation Board of Directors at their retreat in January 2010. At that retreat, based on the feedback from Understanding Cape Cod, the Board adopted Youth Development a primary focus area for further civic leadership work by The Cape Cod Foundation.

A group of community stakeholders began meeting over the course of several months to investigate and discuss the scope of youth development issues on Cape Cod. These discussions resulted in a community visioning process with more than 50 community members that, over nine months, helped to create the Cape-wide Youth Action Plan.

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If you would like to learn more about the plan, our partners, and/or get involved, contact Dara Gannon at or 508-790-3040.