CCYP Giving Circle

Date:Aug 12, 2011


The mission of Cape Cod Young Professionals is to connect, engage and advance the next generation of Cape Cod’s workforce and community leaders.

Launched in 2015 in partnership with The Cape Cod Foundation, CCYP’s Giving Circle is a collective giving program that pools the charitable donations of its donors to amplify impact and make a tangible difference in the lives of young professionals on Cape Cod.  

Giving Circle grants support nonprofit projects and programs that align with CCYP’s mission.  To be awarded, projects or programs must demonstrate the ability to positively impact quality of life and career opportunity for young people 45-and-under on Cape Cod. 

CCYP’s Giving Circle Grants 
provide between $500 to $1500 in funding for nonprofit projects and programs that positively impact the ability of young professionals and their families to live and work on Cape Cod. 

Sample Projects include educational workshops on home buying or financial management; support for young entrepreneurs and small business owners; quality child care programs or child care scholarships that allow young parents/caregivers to work outside the home; non-partisan outreach or informational opportunities to engage working age adults in voting, volunteerism, or civic issues; and more.

The Giving Circle Grant priority areas for 2019 are as follows:
1) Access to Housing – programs and projects that provide creative solutions for increasing the stock of attainable, year-round housing options on Cape Cod. Example programs include, but not limited to: first-time homebuyer education, mortgage savings programs, and year-round rental solutions. 

2) Policy Development and Civic Engagement – programs and projects that support non-partisan policymaking solutions for issues facing young professionals; engage young, working-age adults in the local government and policy-making process; or foster participation of young professionals in volunteerism and board service. 

3) Child and Dependent Care – programs and projects that increase the availability, affordability, and/or accessibility of child or dependent care. Example solutions include, but are not limited to: voucher programs, scholarships, employer reimbursement/incentives, and business development programs for care providers.

4) Business and Economic Development – programs and projects that provide support to young professional entrepreneurs and small business owners to start, operate, or grow their business; provide training, assistance, or creative solutions for job creation and recruitment; or otherwise improve the landscape of business and job opportunities for young professionals on Cape Cod.

The deadline to apply is Wednesday, September 18th, 2019 Click here to apply.