Murray and Elinor Rust

Date:Apr 10, 2014

1-Murray-Elinor-RustIn 1993, Murray Rust, one of the founders of the Cape Cod Foundation, and his wife Elinor, established a fund with the Cape Cod Foundation that would, upon their death, provide annual support to the Foundation to help build organizational capacity  and expand its role as a community leader.

As Murray stated “We set out to create an organization that would unite the residents of Barnstable County and broaden their perspective on the needs of all of Cape Cod , not just their individual towns. What we got is an invaluable organization that can quickly work miracles by identifying and funding unmet community needs and providing the means for regular folks to create a legacy. We established a fund with the Foundation so that the staff and board are able to move in whatever direction the needs of the future require.”