Community Impact General Grants

Date:Apr 30, 2014

Community Impact General Grants-CCMNHGeneral Grants are less than $5,000 to address emerging opportunities, launch creative initiatives, and to cover costs of small, one-time projects.

All projects must serve the residents of Barnstable County.

The application deadline is rolling; however, the Community Impact General Grant Review Committee meets quarterly in March, July, October and December.  For an application to be reviewed in a particular quarter, it must be submitted by the 15th day of the month prior to the review meeting.

Read the Community Impact Grantmaking Guidelines

General Grants will support:

• Existing programs with a proven track record of success that strengthen or enhance the program
• Pilot projects and idea testing
• Program planning and development
• Organizational development and planning, technical assistance (e.g. board/staff retreats, strategic planning projects)
• Needs assessments and feasibility studies (e.g. capital campaign feasibility studies, market research)
• Events and one-time programs with specific community outcomes (e.g. educational/outreach program, symposia, and conferences)
• Small equipment to support key programs
• Communication and outreach projects (e.g. public awareness or volunteer recruitment campaigns)

We are particularly interested in supporting capacity building initiatives for organizations that are focused on meeting our programmatic priorities in the six areas in which we fund: Arts and Culture; Children, Youth and Families; Health and Human Services; Environment; Community and Economic Development; and Housing.

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Visit our Past Grant Awards page to view recent grantees. *Click here to download the required project budget template.