Community Impact Strategic Focus Grants

Date:Apr 30, 2014

Community Impact Strategic Grants-CDP solar panelsStrategic Focus Grants are requests of $5,000 or more to address strategic initiatives and long-range organizational capacity building. These particular grants seek to utilize resources in the most efficient and effective way to develop or implement long-term solutions to address documented organizational and/or community challenges.  

We are particularly interested in supporting capacity building initiatives for organizations that are focused on meeting our programmatic priorities in the six areas in which we fund: Arts and Culture; Children, Youth and Families; Health and Human Services; Environment; Community and Economic Development; and Housing. All projects must serve the residents of Barnstable County.

Strategic Focus Grants will support:

  • Actions that improve nonprofit effectiveness and efficiency and/or strengthen organizational infrastructure and long-term viability
  • Initial staff expansion for organizational growth with a clear plan for sustainability of position after funding ends
  • Collaborative projects or strategic partnerships to address complex, regional needs (e.g. projects that engage multiple organizations, public policy initiatives, etc.)
  • Expansion (e.g. geographic) or enhancement of existing programs with a proven track record of success; we are particularly interested in supporting strategies to increase sustainability or self-sufficiency of existing programs (e.g. through diversification of revenue sources


The Cape Cod Foundation will generally not consider proposals to fund the following: Endowment Building; Monuments and Memorials; Capital Improvements or Capital Campaigns.

HOW TO APPLY: The LOI deadline for 2019 is September 10, 2019.  CLICK TO APPLY

ANNUAL TIMELINE: LOI deadline is September 10th. Select applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal by October 1st. Full proposal deadline November 1st. Applicants will be notified of whether a grant has been awarded in December.

QUESTIONS? Contact Carrie Bearse, Program Officer, at The Cape Cod Foundation. 

Watch our technical assistance video to learn more. Visit our Past Grant Awards page to view recent grantees.