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What is CONNECT Cape Cod?


  • is a web-based, central access point for community resources and information
  • provides data, knowledge and interactive tools for nonprofits, government, funders, and other stakeholders
  • is a resource for links to a number of topic-specific, online local resource guides

Hear from our Executive Director, Kristin O’Malley, about CONNECT Cape Cod and its significance to our community:

Who created CONNECT Cape Cod?

It was created by the Urban Institute’s National Center for Charitable Statistics. The Cape Cod Foundation purchased the “shell” of the online tool and worked with staff at the Urban Institute to customize the information and presentation for the Cape Cod community. It will continue to progress and expand over time.

Who will use CONNECT Cape Cod?

While the appeal of the site is broad, there are three primary user groups for CONNECT Cape Cod:

  • Local nonprofit organizations
  • Community members
  • Funders and researchers

How can CONNECT Cape Cod be used?

On CONNECT Cape Cod, you can:

  • Map local resources, programs and community needs
  • Find information on training and other educational opportunities
  • Post opportunities, share documents and collaborate with other members of the community
  • Find opportunities to contribute and connect with organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life on Cape Cod

Why do we need CONNECT Cape Cod?

Through extensive community conversations with a broad base of constituents, Cape Cod organizations identified that the community:

  • Lacks a central access point to tie together existing community resources and information
  • Needs a central data source to help with research and outreach for funding assistance
  • Would benefit from a virtual space for community members and organizations to learn, share, connect and collaborate
  • Requires easily accessible data that enables funders and community members to survey the landscape and make informed decisions about resource allocation

Where does the CONNECT Cape Cod information come from?

The maps and data are pre-populated with IRS and census information. The Urban Institute updates the IRS and census data on an annual basis. Indicator information is drawn from the American Community Survey.

Questions or feedback?

For a technical issue or glitch, please use the SUBMIT FEEDBACK button in the upper right corner of the website. This will alert the Urban Institute and make it easier for them to identify the issue. If it is something specific to Cape Cod, like your organization isn’t based in Barnstable County, please contact The Cape Cod Foundation at 508-790-3040. We welcome your feedback!

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