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Non-Event 2021

We’re not just spinning records…we’re breaking them!

 Dust off the vinyl. Drop the needle. Pump up the volume. It’s time to celebrate! At this year’s Non-Event, we’re not just spinning records—we’re breaking them!

Life’s been ever-so crazy and slightly out of tune. But we found our groove and turned the tables on two very challenging years. While we kept our regular work playing on the A side, we gave the flip side a spin and raised millions for pandemic relief. We proved that, like a good 33-1/3 rpm record, we’re tough, durable, and made for the long play.

Pandemic or not, our Annual Non-Event has always been a no-frills, no-fuss, no-attendance required fundraiser to help pump up the volume of our work. You simply buy a ticket, never show up, and give yourself a high-five for revving up our Hi-Fi for another productive year.

So, at the risking of sounding like a broken record… Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for inspiring us. Just like the Isley Brothers 1959 hit, “you make us wanna shout!” In a good way. A very good way.



All proceeds support The Cape Cod Foundation’s Civic Leadership Initiatives—during ordinary and extraordinary times. We will continue to build and deploy resources from our Strategic Emergency Response Fund to strengthen our community now and in the years to come. We will also continue to invest in initiatives that support nonprofit capacity building, nonprofit education and leadership development, partnerships with broad regional impact, and projects that bring vital shared resources to the nonprofit sector…now more important than ever. 

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Together, we have invested more than $80 million in grants and scholarships in the Cape Cod Community. For good.

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