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Chelsea Miller

Chelsea Miller, recipient of the Frank X. and Mary E. Weny Scholarship

Chelsea Miller, an exceptional student athlete who graduated from Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School with a 4.25 GPA, received the Frank X. and Mary E. Weny Scholarship in 2010. The scholarship was established at the Cape Cod Foundation in 2003 through a shared experience between Roger Ludwig and Frank Weny of having sons with Type I diabetes. The Frank X. and Mary E. Weny Scholarship is open to graduating high school students who live in Barnstable County and have Type 1 diabetes. The scholarship provides $1,000 per semester for up to eight semesters of undergraduate education assuming the student maintains at least a 2.75 GPA.

Chelsea graduates in the spring of 2014 from Tufts University with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Child Development. She has received a full-time job upon graduation as a Clinical Assistant with Clinical Assistance Programs in Framingham and then hopes to return to graduate school after gaining work experience to pursue a master’s degree in Genetic Counseling, with a possible focus on prenatal genetic counseling.

Chelsea says of the scholarship “It has been a great help to funding my education here at Tufts. Along with helping financially, it is really nice to be recognized for the achievements I have made in the face of my diabetes. Because everything is so second-nature to me after nearly 12 years I tend not to give much thought to how my diabetes impacts my life, therefore it is often surprising when I am singled out for it. But when I actually sit down and think about it, I realize that it does indeed impact most aspects of my life – whether consciously or subconsciously, it is another thing to constantly be aware of and thinking about. I am very grateful for the considerable assistance this scholarship provided in getting me to where I am today.”

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