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Strategic Focus Grants

STATUS: Not currently accepting applications

TIMELINE: The Annual LOI deadline is September 10. We will invite select applicants to submit a full proposal by October. Full proposals are due November 1. We will notify grant recipients in December.


DESCRIPTION: Strategic Focus Grants are designed to help nonprofits address strategic initiatives and long-range organizational capacity building. They utilize resources efficiently and effectively to develop or implement long-term solutions that meet documented organizational and/or community challenges.

Strategic Focus Grants generally support:

  • Actions that improve nonprofit effectiveness and efficiency and/or strengthen organizational infrastructure and long-term viability
  • Initial staff expansion for organizational growth with a clear plan for the position’s sustainability after funding ends
  • Collaborative projects or strategic partnerships to address complex, regional needs (e.g. projects that engage multiple organizations, public policy initiatives, etc.)
  • Expansion (e.g. geographic) or enhancement of existing programs with a proven track record of success. We are particularly interested in supporting strategies to increase sustainability or self-sufficiency of existing programs (e.g. through diversification of revenue sources).

LOI AND FULL GRANT APPLICATION: Use this link to submit information for all Letters of Inquiry and full grant applications.
Note About Profiles: Each organization can only have one profile.  You will only need to create it once.  Since multiple users can access this, please do not create multiple profiles.  Once logged in, you will see the appropriate grant application on the APPLY page.

GRANT FAQS: Review frequently asked questions about eligibility and the application process.

GRANT TUTORIAL: Watch a video about the online grant management system.

ONLINE APPLICATION HELP:  We recommend reviewing the online instructions and reference materials carefully before registering and starting your first application.

PAST GRANTS: 2019, 2018

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