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Gardening for Food Fund

Gardening for Food Fund

STATUS: Not currently accepting applications

TIMELINE: Grants will be awarded annually in the spring; applicants can reapply every other year

AMOUNT AWARDED ANNUALLY: Grants of up to $350. Applicants must secure a 50% match from other sources (For example, if requesting $200, a $100 match is required).

DESCRIPTION: The Gardening for Food Fund was established to support groups starting or continuing a garden or those teaching gardening skills, collectively or in a smaller group setting, and applying those skills to food production, and generating yield. The Fund is based on the understanding that people working together in community connection is as important to human health as is the process of learning gardening.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: Grants will be made to a 501(c)(3) public charity OR teacher to implement project-based programs for students in grades K-7 within a public school.


  • Support diversity by bringing people of all ages and many differences (sexual orientation, gender, beliefs, abilities and disabilities) to work together
  • Benefit residents of Barnstable County
  • Have a knowledgeable leader
  • Engage participants in hands-on learning
  • Accept all levels of gardening experience, from beginners to advanced gardeners


  • Tribal gardens
  • Youth gardens
  • Healing gardens
  • Herbal gardens
  • Disability gardens
  • Community gardens


  • Projects with a political agenda
  • Farm animals
  • Operating expenses
  • Food for meetings
  • Fundraising activities
  • Basic gardening tools (specialty tools will be considered)


  • Growing containers (e.g. 5 gallon containers from hardware store)
  • Plant stock (e.g. seed, potatoes)
  • Soil augmentation (e.g. fertilizer)
  • Seeds (preferably non GMO seeds)
  • Other materials needed according to grant proposal, e.g., special tools

LOI AND FULL GRANT APPLICATION: Use this link to submit information for all Letters of Inquiry and full grant applications.
Note About Profiles: Each organization can only have one profile.  You will only need to create it once.  Since multiple users can access this, please do not create multiple profiles.  Once logged in, you will see the appropriate grant application on the APPLY page.

GRANT FAQS: Review frequently asked questions about eligibility and the application process.

GRANT TUTORIAL: Watch a video about the online grant management system.

ONLINE APPLICATION HELP:  We recommend reviewing the online instructions and reference materials carefully before registering and starting your first application.


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