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Past Scholarship Recipients

Past Scholarship Recipients

The Cape Cod Foundation is proud to support more than 152 local students in the pursuit of higher education by awarding more than $550,000 in scholarships in 2019.

Advocates for a Community College Education Scholarship
Ian Arvidson, Chatham
Harley Christensen, Yarmouth
Colby Cloutier, Mashpee
Angus Contrino, Barnstable
Benjamin Hebner, Falmouth
Danielle Joyal, Falmouth
William King, Dennis
Ryan Parker, Barnstable
Marianna Passos, Yarmouth
Gabrielle Pereira, Barnstable
Tiffany Tromp, Orleans
Alexis Wenzel, Mashpee

American Association of University Women/Cape Cod Branch Student Re-Entry Scholarship
Donna Kalinick, Harwich

American Legion Post 308, Orleans, MA Veterans Scholarship
Breanna Battles-Santos, Eastham
Christian Beer, Brewster
Kaelly Farrell, Brewster
Megan Garran, Eastham
Marie Tessier, Orleans

Barnstable High School Class of 2009 Dean Boger Memorial Scholarship
Brian Simoes, Barnstable

Stephen Bernard Memorial Scholarship
Francis (Jan) Lapinski, Chatham
Keith Markoski, Barnstable

Sean Breen Memorial Scholarship
Akelia Bailey, Barnstable

Armand L. Bruneau, Jr. and Muriel B. Bruneau Memorial Scholarship
Cameron Coomber, Harwich
Aoife Daly, Harwich

Patrick M. Butler Memorial Scholarship
Aine Dillon, Yarmouth
James McLeod, Brewster
Flannery Rogers, Falmouth

Dorothy W. and Charles M. Campbell Scholarship
Matt Aylmer, Falmouth
Adam Beal, Barnstable
Hannah Brunelle, Brewster
Gabriel Calouro, Orleans
Jack Harney, Yarmouth

Cape Cod Foundation Scholarship
Danny Arregoces, Harwich
Julia Ashe, Barnstable
Allison Carter, Barnstable
Gerard Costa, Orleans
James Gracie, Bourne
Eva Mone, Mashpee
Emily Oman, Barnstable
Zoe Ryder-O’Malley, Wellfleet
Eli Seiser, Eastham
Amelia Tardif, Yarmouth

Cape Cod Restaurants, Inc. Scholarship
Nathan LeBrun, Bourne
Serafina McGrath, Wareham

Cape Cod Women’s Association Scholarship
Katie Everson, Barnstable
Maura McCullough, Chatham
Melanie Mimmo, Barnstable
Leah Murphy, Barnstable

Cape Cod Young Professionals Career Connect Scholarship
Courtney Butler, Yarmouth
Jacquelyn Shea, Bourne

Caroline B. Chapin Scholarship
Casey Reed, Falmouth

Edward D. Cliggott Memorial Scholarship
Lilly Mathieu, Barnstable

David Fisk Scudder Scholarship
Julia Fone, Barnstable
Toriana Richards, Yarmouth

Ruth B. Sears Scholarship
Joshua Benoit, Dennis
Jacqueline Moulton, Dennis
Jessica Moulton, Dennis

Shostak Scholarship
Jenevieve Dolby, Yarmouth
Therese Henault, Eastham

Kaitlin M. Silk Memorial Scholarship
Rachel Aalto, Barnstable
Eve Bancroft, Barnstable
Olivia Berler, Barnstable
Caroline Marcezly, Barnstable

Bonnie Skane Memorial Scholarship
Adam Henschel, Mashpee

Michael B. Wallace Memorial Scholarship
Breann Hill, Barnstable


Coach P Scholarship for Sportsmanship
Alec Abramson, Sandwich
Jacqueline Beaulieu, Sandwich
Brendan McGillicuddy, Sandwich
Emily Miller, Sandwich

Patricia Colbert Donovan Memorial Scholarship
Morgan Carter, Barnstable
Angus Contrino, Barnstable

Bill Cotter Memorial Scholarship
Tatiana Dunne, Barnstable

Priscilla M. (Wittenmeyer) Cotter Memorial Scholarship
Caroline Marczely, Barnstable

William J. “Rusty” Cotter Memorial Scholarship
Casey Brown, Barnstable

Annie S. Crowell Scholarship
Carly Coughlin, Yarmouth
Molly Daley, Harwich
Jeanne Henchy, Brewster
Kenna Valli, Wellfleet

Paul Dever Daley & Robert Joyce Scholarship
Emma Fillion, Provincetown

Daysie Day Scholarship
Hannah Mitchell, Chatham
Aleidy Rodrigues-Minaya, Chatham

Samuel D’Olimpio Scholarship
Eve Bancroft, Barnstable
Samuel Bechard, Barnstable

Logan Dunne Memorial Scholarship
Autumn Willow Capurso, Orleans
Natalie Cataldo, Orleans
Kaelly Farrell, Brewster
Ben Garside, Chatham

Jay Elliott Memorial Scholarship
Carlton Miller-Cordova, Eastham

Andrew Fayne Memorial Scholarship
Emma Garrity, Barnstable
Charles Nystrom, Barnstable

Brig Gen (USAF ret) John F. Flanagan Scholarship
Jack Giberti, Barnstable
Isabelle Roberts, Nantucket

Gateway Isles Scholarship
Toriana Richards, Yarmouth

Daniel Bradley Gaylord Memorial Scholarship
Emma Fenton, Bourne

Malcolm M. Gidley Memorial Scholarship
Emily Oman, Barnstable

Melissa Gifford Memorial Scholarship
Donald Johnson, Barnstable

Eleanor Ruth Parsons Gleason Scholarship
Adam Beal, Barnstable
Marie Tessier, Orleans

Jean W. Gordon Scholarship
Julia Keane, Truro

Jack Harrison Memorial Scholarship Fund
Colin Dallacosta, Dennis

Harwich Class of ’49 Scholarship
Perry Comeau, Harwich

Ernest Michael Helides and Evelyn Ponticos Helides Scholarship
Andrew Wilson, Wellfleet

J.G. Hinkle Scholarship
MacKenzie Adams, Barnstable
Olivia Cooper, Mashpee
Liam Markham, Barnstable

Bev Watters Memorial Scholarship
Kayla Jorgensen, Barnstable
Tanaya Taylor, Barnstable

Frank X. and Mary E. Weny Scholarship
Holly Soneye, Dennis

Henry and Minnie Whittemore Scholarship
Katie Leland, Brewster
Maeve Noone-Price, Brewster

Joseph F. Woodson Scholarship
Joshua Devlin, Eastham
Zion Gilch, Nantucket

World Concern Scholarship
Caroline Davock, Harwich

Patricia A. Ward Memorial Nauset Nursing/Medical Scholarship
Sarah Foley, Barnstable


Hyannis Normal School Alumni Scholarship
Katelyn Govoni, Sandwich
Madeleine McDermott, Sandwich
Lianna Mitchell, Barnstable

Capt. Roger J. Jetté Memorial Scholarship
Benjamin Rudd, Nantucket

Philip “PJ” Jones Memorial Scholarship
Olivia Berler, Barnstable

Kelley Foundation Scholars Program Fund
Jessica Baecker, Sandwich
Jermaine Cardoza, Barnstable

Ketchum-Luft Scholarship
Kenna Valli, Wellfleet

Peter Kirwin Memorial Scholarship
Isel Garcia-Renart, Falmouth

Richard & Ethel Koff Memorial Scholarship
Seneca Challies, Barnstable

LaTanzi Spaulding & Landreth Scholarship Fund
Lilly Mathieu, Barnstable
Dillon McCarthy, Barnstable
Isaiah Stafford, Mashpee

Live for Lou Athletes Scholarship
Stephen Kalinick, Harwich
Katie Leland, Brewster

Live for Lou Drug Counseling Scholarship
Michele Ferriera, Orleans

Leo Lucas Memorial Scholarship
Erin Floyd, Brewster

Kirk MacSwan Memorial Scholarship
Coleen Ellis, Barnstable

Roslyn Praise Margolin Scholarship
Jessica Taylor, Brewster

Dr. Andrew V. Mason and Edith B. Mason Memorial Fund
Angelina Neto, Falmouth
Isaiah Stafford, Mashpee

Opera New England of Cape Cod Scholarship
Destany Foley, Barnstable

Orleans-Eastham Ambulance Association Scholarship
Breanna Kender, Brewster

Valerie Gunderson Osiecki Scholarship for the Arts
Julia Wiseman, Barnstable
Clare Yeaw, Wellfleet

George E. and Doris K. Parmenter Aeronautical Scholarship
Isabelle Moutinho-Magalhaes, Nantucket

Ryan Family Amusement Scholarship Fund
Aria Conte, Wellfleet
Eliza Hawthorne, Harwich
Elizabeth Pate, Martha’s Vineyard

Toby Sanders Scholarship
Delaney Agnes, Dennis
Caitlin Daley, Harwich
Caroline Howard, Harwich
Luke Jodice, Chatham
Ian Johnson, Harwich
Jason Masiello, Harwich
Erin Starkey, Chatham

Sandwich Legacy Scholarship
Evan Abramson, Sandwich
Catherine McGee, Sandwich

Scarbrough Adult Learner Scholarship
Brenda Boudrot, Harwich
Gina Gonsalves, Mashpee
Aimee Whiteley, Barnstable

H.H. Snow Family Scholarship
Sarah Foley, Barnstable

Megan Tripp Memorial Scholarship
Molly Daley, Harwich
Caroline Howard, Harwich

Esther M. Wallace Scholarship
Danny Arregoces, Harwich
Gerard Costa, Orleans
Carly Coughlin, Yarmouth
Jeanne Henchy, Brewster
Christo Keller, Barnstable
Nellie Marshall-Torres, Barnstable
Carlton Miller-Cordova, Eastham
Jonas Oliver, Wellfleet
Aleidy Rodriguez-Minaya, Chatham
Brian Simoes, Barnstable

June A. Zenke Memorial Scholarship
Caleb Caldwell, Brewster
Ben Garside, Chatham
Dillon McCarthy, Barnstable
Lynda Moran, Eastham

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Together, we have invested more than $75 million in grants and scholarships in the Cape Cod Community. For good.

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