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Scholarship Faqs

Scholarship FAQs

Who is eligible for a scholarship?

The Cape Cod Foundation offers a variety of scholarship opportunities to fit many educational paths. This includes graduating high school seniors, current college students, and adults who are looking to pursue an educational dream at an accredited institution in the US. Unless otherwise noted, a majority of our scholarships serve students from Barnstable, Dukes, and Nantucket counties. To learn more about specific criteria for each scholarship please review the ONLINE SCHOLARSHIP BOOKLET.

How do I know which scholarship to apply for?

The Foundation uses a Universal Application that matches applicants to ALL scholarship opportunities for which they are eligible. The Foundation’s Scholarship Booklet includes deadlines, eligibility requirements, and other specifics.

When is the deadline?

While most scholarships are due on April 1, specific deadlines may vary. The online program will not accept incomplete applications or attachments after the deadline.

Where do I start?

We recommend that each applicant follow these four steps:

  1. Review pages 1-4 of the 2021 Scholarship Booklet
  2. Watch this APPLICANT TUTORIAL on how to register and apply
  3. Read the Frequently Asked Questions on this page
  4. Complete an online application

How do I register, apply, and navigate the dashboard on the online scholarship portal?

These applicant tutorials cover all of these topics with step-by-step videos.

What materials will I need for the application?

The specific materials required for each scholarship are detailed in the online application. In general, be prepared to submit:

  • Letters of Recommendation and Transcripts
    Graduating High School Seniors: You will need to request information from your guidance counselors (academic information, transcripts, and a letter of recommendation) AND an additional letter of recommendation from a professional, such as a teacher, coach, employer, advisor, etc.
    College/Other Students: You will need to request at least one letter of recommendation from a professional, such as teacher, coach, employer, advisor, etc. A second letter of recommendation is not required but is encouraged. Current college students will also need to provide a copy of their most recent academic transcripts (unofficial is okay) listing all coursework to date. Transcripts must clearly indicate Grade Point Average.
  • Expected Family Contribution (EFC) from your FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR)
  • A personal essay and any additional material required for specific scholarships

What will strengthen an application?

Compliance with all requirements, and thoughtful, well-written essays and letters of recommendation.  The Scholarship Committee pays close attention to these details.

How are recipients selected?

The selection process is competitive. The Scholarship Committee is comprised of volunteers in our community who are invested in the future of Cape Cod. They spend hours reviewing applications and making award recommendations. Selection criteria may be based on financial need, academic merit, community involvement, and extracurricular activities in accordance with the terms of each scholarship fund. Review the Scholarship Booklet to see the specific criteria for each scholarship.

When will I find out if I’m awarded a scholarship?

Typically, selection committees meet in April and May, and students are notified BY EMAIL by early June. It is very important to use an email you check frequently and have permanent access to when registering on the online scholarship portal.

What happens if I am selected as a scholarship recipient?

We will send scholarship recipients an acceptance letter BY EMAIL notifying them of their award and the details of the scholarship(s) they received. Recipients must log in to the online portal to sign their scholarship acceptance forms. We will not issue payment until the form is completed.

Is it appropriate to thank my scholarship donor directly?

Donors are honored to support students, like you, with their educational endeavors. A thank you note goes a long way to show donors that you appreciate and value the scholarship you received. It also gives them a chance to know you better. Here are some tips for writing a thoughtful note. 

What expenses can scholarships cover?

The Cape Cod Foundation pays scholarships directly to the school, college, or university on behalf of recipients. Scholarships may be used to offset tuition and fees only. The Foundation only awards scholarships to students attending educational institutions and programs in the United States, or programs through a US-based institution.

When will the check be sent?

Typically, we mail scholarship checks directly to the school in July/August for the upcoming fall semester, and in January for spring semester.

Do you accept anything in paper?

No. The Cape Cod Foundation has moved to an online application process to reduce processing time and assure that our records are updated and accessible. All application materials (transcripts, resumes, letters of recommendation, etc.) are only accepted online.

What if my letter of recommendation is not in by the deadline, but I have all the other information complete?

The Cape Cod Foundation will only accept complete applications submitted by the deadline. Plan accordingly. Request recommendations from people in a timely manner. We will not consider applications without the required letters of recommendation.

The online program is not allowing me to submit my application. Why?

The online program will not accept incomplete or late applications (including attachments). Check your application to ensure you have answered every question and uploaded all attachments.

Will a scholarship award affect my financial aid package?

Institutions/Colleges/Universities may adjust financial aid packages to reflect scholarships other than those granted by the college. Usually, a college or university will first use an outside scholarship to replace unmet need or reduce the amount of loans or work study before adjusting grants or scholarships. However, policies vary, and students should check with the institutions’ financial aid office.

I am submitting my college grades as part of the condition of my scholarship; is an unofficial transcript okay?

Yes, an unofficial transcript or online printout of your transcript is acceptable if it includes your name, student ID #, current academic year, cumulative grade point average, and the name of the college/university.

I received an award in the past; can I reapply?

Unless otherwise noted, students must reapply every year to be considered for awards. Those who receive a multi-year scholarship will find the criteria for maintaining the award in the award letter. Receipt of an award for one academic year does not guarantee an award in subsequent years.

What happens if I move or change schools after I’ve been awarded a scholarship?

You must notify The Cape Cod Foundation if you move or transfer to a new school. Email or call 508-790-3040 when you decide to transfer.

I don’t see a specific scholarship listed for my school or major. How are these scholarships determined?

The individual, donor, group, or organization who established the scholarship fund determines the selection criteria.

I am interested in starting a scholarship fund or have a client who wants to establish one. What do I do?

Email or call Kristin O’Malley, the Foundation’s President and CEO or call 508-790-3040

I have a question you didn’t answer here. What should I do?

Contact Mary Beth Burwood, Scholarship Officer

Create your own fund. Donate to an existing fund. Support the Foundation’s Civic Leadership Initiatives.

Together, we have invested more than $80 million in grants and scholarships in the Cape Cod Community. For good.

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