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Thank You Notes


Donors are honored to support students, like you, with their educational endeavors. A thank you note goes a long way to show appreciation and the impact of a scholarship. A note also gives them a chance to know you better. Here are some tips to get started: 

REMINDER: If you receive multiple scholarships, please send a letter to each scholarship donor.


  • Handwritten notes or typed letters are both meaningful, so do what you are most comfortable with.
  • We recommend that, regardless of the format you choose, you create a draft, check for spelling and grammar (or have a family member/friend/teacher review), and then create a final version.
  • Handwritten notes: Use stationery or a card and enclose it in an envelope; make sure the note is legible.
  • Electronic notes: Save it in a Word Doc or as a PDF and sign your name with blue or black ink once you print it out.


  • Address the note as indicated in your award letter OR “Dear [Name of Scholarship] Donor”
  • Keep it short and sweet! We recommend you include these 3 keys points; 1) State the purpose of your note; 2) Share something about yourself, your goals, and why this scholarship is important to you; 3) Conclude by thanking donor.
  • Remember to sign your name. You can use the following for a closing:  Sincerely, All the best, With gratitude, etc.


  • Mail the note to the address listed in your award letter. This may be the donor’s address or The Cape Cod Foundation’s address for forwarding.
  • You can also email typed letters to for forwarding.

Mary Beth Burwood
Scholarship Officer

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