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The Joshua A. Nickerson Society Award

This annual award recognizes individuals for their civic leadership on Cape Cod. To date, more than 30 local citizens who have made lasting contributions in the areas of conservation, arts, science, education, health, and democracy have received the honorary.

Nominations are due by November 15

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Joshua A. Nickerson 11 was born in 1901 and resided on Cape Cod his entire life. He grew up in Chatham, graduated from Chatham High School, and received his B.A. from Harvard College in 1922 before returning to the Cape, where he worked faithfully for more than 50 years within the Nickerson Lumber Company, retiring as chairman of the board in 1975.

Throughout his life, he played an integral part in the development and preservation of many local institutions, such as the Cape Cod Hospital, Cape Playhouse, Cape Cod National Seashore, and the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, where his father had been a founding member. 

The Society was established in 1982 to honor his contributions to the community. In 2019, the Society became a permanent program of The Cape Cod Foundation, which uses it experience and resources to champion Nickerson’s legacy and promote the award within the community.  The Society’s trustees serve as the Advisory Council for the award.

Since its inception in 1982, the Joshua A. Nickerson Society has presented this honorary award almost every year to a citizen who exemplifies the spirit of Mr. Nickerson. Honorees have contributed to the well-being and welfare of the people of Cape Cod and made lasting contributions in the areas of conservation, arts, science, education, health, and democracy.

1982 – Judge Henry L. Murphy
1983 – Dexter B. Leen
1984 – E. Carlton Nickerson
1985 – Frank Nickerson
1986 – John K. Davenport
1988 – James H. Rice
1989 – Anne H. Davis
1991 – Marjorie Burling
1991 – Brooks Thayer (posthumously)
1992 – Oscar J. Cahoon
1993 – Paul Lorusso
1994 – Mariana Andrews
1995 – Edward Gelsthorpe
1996 – Charles N. Robinson
1997 – S. Murray Rust, Jr.
1998 – Elliott G. Carr
1999 – Brenda Boyeln
2000 – Townsend Hornor

2001 – Milton L. Penn
2002 – Victor von Schlegell
2003 – Joseph A. Signore
2004 – Mary Louise Montgomery
2005 – Richard and Alexandra Clark
2006 – Alix L.L. Ritchie
2007 – Victoria H. Lowell
2008 – Joan Bentinick-Smith
2010 – Chuck & Doreen Bilezikian
2011 – Frank & Maureen Wilkens
2012 – William & Linda Zammer
2013 – Robert Murray (posthumously)
2014 – Bill Snow and the Snow Family
2015 – DeWitt Davenport and the Davenport Family
2016 –
2017 –
2018 – Tony and Lorraine Shepley
2019 – Will be announced September 2020

Advisory Committee
The members of the Advisory Committee are Cape Cod residents and changemakers who are dedicated to maintaining the unique, unmatched economic and natural environment of the region.

Stephen Abbott 2014
Lois Andre 2014
Anne Q. Spaulding 2014
Joel Crowell 2015
Thomas Evans 2015
Joshua A. Nickerson, Jr. 2015
Brooks S. Thayer 2016
Kevin Howard 2017
Wendy Northcross 2017
Kristin O’Malley 2017
Michael Robinson 2017

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