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We’re bringing this year’s Non-Event to the silver screen!


Guess who’s turning 100? Warner Brothers! In 1923, the fearless foursome invested all their money into a projector to bring movies to their community. Since then, WB has given us more than12,500 feature films, 2,400 TV shows, our favorite heroes and villains, plus Bugs, Tweety, and all those other lovable Looney Tunes. This year, the company is worth over $36B and celebrating “100 years of storytelling.” Now that’s something to party about!

But don’t expect the red-carpet treatment at this fictitious film fest. This is our annual no-frills, no-fuss, no-attendance-required fundraiser. You simply buy a ticket, grab the remote, and spend the night watching your favorite WB flicks at home. Meanwhile, we’ll resume production of our own blockbuster, an action-packed adventure about deploying funding for pandemic relief, building resources for The Women and Girls Fund, strengthening our Scholarship Program, and funding nonprofit programs and capacity-building initiatives across Cape Cod.

Since 1989, the Foundation has built over $90 million in assets and distributed more than $95 million back into the community. Thank you for your past and continued support! Together, we’ve created some powerful success stories of our own… and a legacy that will outlast us all. But remember, this happy ending always has a sequel; stay tuned for more coming attractions!

$300/Party of 8

All proceeds support The Cape Cod Foundation’s Civic Leadership Initiatives. We will continue to build and deploy
resources to support unmet needs in our community now and in the years to come. We will also continue to invest in initiatives that support nonprofit capacity building, nonprofit education and leadership development, partnerships with broad regional impact, and projects that bring vital shared resources to the nonprofit sector.




Create your own fund. Donate to an existing fund. Support the Foundation’s Civic Leadership Initiatives.

Together, we have invested more than $95 million in grants and scholarships in the Cape Cod Community. For good.

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