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The Cape Cod Foundation Awards $377,000 in Scholarships

YARMOUTHPORT A crowd of more than 250 gathered at the Dennis Inn on Thursday, June 18th to join The Cape Cod Foundation in celebrating their 2015 scholarship recipients and the people who make these awards possible. This year, the Foundation has awarded $376,991 in scholarships to 111 Cape Cod and Islands students. Their partner the Cape Cod Association, which is a supporting organization of The Cape Cod Foundation, has awarded $450,000 to nearly 300 Cape and Islands students; bringing the total awarded in scholarships between the two organizations to $826,991. The event was sponsored by The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod.

“We refer to our Scholarship Awards Reception as the best night of the year at the Foundation. We’re incredibly proud of the impact these awards have on our local students towards their pursuit of higher education. It’s inspiring to see the recipients interact with the donors who make these scholarship awards possible,” said Kristin O’Malley, Executive Director of The Cape Cod Foundation.

Chris OBrien, co-founder of Dative, a Cape-based, digital strategy firm, addressed the crowd and spoke of his experiences growing up in Falmouth and returning to the Cape after college to pursue his career. “Speaking to the scholarship recipients at the Cape Cod Foundation awards night is among the highlights of my career. It was great being able to tell my story to a group of very talented and motivated students. It was also humbling to see the reach and impact that the Foundation has on Cape Cod, all driven by their dedicated staff and generous donors,” said OBrien. He urged the scholarship recipients to take the first step towards their dreams by showing up for life every day. OBrien, who also serves as Vice President of the Board for the CCYP, took an opportunity to remind the crowd that success doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and the importance of utilizing the resources in your community, speaking to his own experience with the CCYP’s Mentor Exchange program.

Eileen Miskell, Chairman and President of the Board of Directors of the Foundation, echoed the thoughts of all those in attendance when addressing the recipients, “We are all rooting for you to continue your education, gain experience, and have a very happy and successful life!”

The Cape Cod Foundation congratulates our 2015 Scholarship recipients (a full listing can also be found on our website):

Adair/Collins Science & Engineering Scholarship of Barnstable American Legion Post 206

Kyle Kenney, Mashpee


Advocates for a Community College Education Scholarship

Brooke Brierly, Yarmouth

Emeline Janowicz, Barnstable

Makayla McLaughlin, Yarmouth

Ryan Scott, Barnstable

Emilie Raetz, Harwich

Dominique Vaughan, Dennis


American Association of University Women/Cape Cod Branch Student Re-Entry Scholarship

Danielle Correia, Falmouth


American Legion Post 308, Orleans, MA Veterans Scholarship

Kathleen Ferris, Eastham

Elaine M. Francke, Eastham

Camille Robison, Orleans

Kara Smith, Eastham

Jessica Taylor, Brewster


American Legion Post 308, Orleans, MA Veterans Toolship

Sarah Leonard, Brewster


Sean Breen Memorial Scholarship

Teddy Duchesney, Barnstable


Armand L. Bruneau, Jr. and Muriel B. Bruneau Memorial Scholarship

Elizabeth Windle, Harwich


Patrick M. Butler Memorial Scholarship

Jillian Bannister, Barnstable

Samantha LeBoeuf, Barnstable

Marissa Rosenberg, Barnstable


Dorothy W. and Charles M. Campbell Scholarship

Connor Murphy, Mashpee

Max Wingard, Brewster


Cape Cod Foundation Scholarship

Zachary Olson, Bourne


Cape Cod Hospitality Marketing Association Scholarship

Arianne Damon, Mashpee

Kristin Galante, Yarmouth

Taylor Melchiono, Barnstable


Cape Cod Restaurants, Inc. Scholarship

Andrew Cochran, Dennis


Cape Cod Young Professionals (CCYP) Career Connect Scholarship

Yuliya Garcia, Barnstable

Samantha LeBoeuf, Barnstable

Katherine Lockwood, Mashpee

Katie Nikas, Barnstable

Mandy Shaw, Provincetown


Caroline B. Chapin Scholarship

Julia Siar, Provincetown


Edward D. Cliggott Memorial Scholarship

Shyanne Pires, Barnstable


Patricia Colbert Donovan Memorial Scholarship

Isabella Macallister, Barnstable

Lauren Thomas, Barnstable


Bill Cotter Memorial Scholarship

Olivia Brodt, Barnstable


Priscilla M. (Wittenmeyer) Cotter Memorial Scholarship

Sydney Panton, Barnstable


William J. “Rusty” Cotter Memorial Scholarship

Sabrina Doherty, Barnstable


Annie S. Crowell Scholarship

Mary LoPiccolo, Bourne

Lily Paradise, Sandwich

Jaimie Rennie, Sandwich


Daysie Day Scholarship

Jessica Alcocer, Chatham

Brianna Donahue, Chatham

Natasha Fraser, Chatham

Christopher Ryder, Chatham


Samuel D’Olimpio Scholarship

Margot Rice, Barnstable

Michael McDonough, Barnstable


Nancy Schofield Fadely Music Scholarship

Sherley-Ann Belleus, Dennis

Heather Gallant, Harwich

Lucas Parada, Harwich

Kaylee Wallace, Orleans


Andrew Fayne Memorial Scholarship

Shyanne Pires, Barnstable

Catherine McShera, Barnstable


Brig Gen (USAF ret) John F. Flanagan Scholarship

Danielle Correia, Falmouth

Codie Perry, Nantucket


Gateway Isles Scholarship

Michaela Donohue, Yarmouth


Daniel Bradley Gaylord Memorial Scholarship

Andrew Forsberg, Bourne


Malcolm M. Gidley Memorial Scholarship

Benjamin Walters, Brewster


Melissa Gifford Memorial Scholarship

Brittany Jacobs, Barnstable


Eleanor Ruth Parsons Gleason Scholarship

Colton Leach, Orleans

Joshua Meservey, Chatham


Jean W. Gordon Scholarship

Hannah Garside, Chatham


Harwich Class of ’49 Scholarship

Ashlyn Pierre, Harwich


G. Hinkle Scholarship

Lilli Everson, Barnstable

Jennifer Griffin, Barnstable

Lauren Thomas, Barnstable


Hyannis Normal School Alumni Scholarship

Catherine Dennis, Sandwich

Danielle Parkka, Barnstable


Philip “PJ” Jones Memorial Scholarship

Rosa Giberti, Barnstable


Ketchum-Luft Scholarship

Helen Pontius, Wellfleet


Peter Kirwin Memorial Scholarship

Amy Kerr, Barnstable


Richard & Ethel Koff Memorial Scholarship

Kyle Anderson, Barnstable


Live for Lou Swimmers Scholarship

John McLoughlin, Eastham

Hannah Walsh, Harwich


Kirk MacSwan Memorial Scholarship

Olivia Brodt, Barnstable


Roslyn Praise Margolin Scholarship

Chet Powers, Barnstable

Jessica Taylor, Brewster


Stanley V. Margolin Scholarship

Molly Brennan, Yarmouth


Michele Marks-McCormick Memorial Scholarship

Andrew Bowles, Yarmouth


Opera New England of Cape Cod Scholarship

Heather Gallant, Harwich


Orleans-Eastham Ambulance Association Scholarship

Sarah Leonard, Brewster


Valerie Gunderson Osiecki Scholarship for the Arts

Leah Valentine Hull, Nantucket


George E. and Doris K. Parmenter Aeronautical Scholarship

Samuel Morgan, Eastham


Scarbrough Adult Learner Scholarship

Colleen Curley, Amherst

Andrea Foster, Dennis

Deanna Jennings, Yarmouth

Jonathan Wattley, Barnstable


David Fisk Scudder Scholarship

Diego Meritus, Yarmouth


Ruth B. Sears Scholarship

Maxwell Allen, Dennis

Trevor Allen, Dennis

Courtney New, Dennis

Sarah Shea, Dennis



Shostak Scholarship

Thomas Coute, Dennis

Emily LaPan, Yarmouth


Kaitlin M. Silk Memorial Scholarship

Isabella Macallister, Barnstable

Sydney Panton, Barnstable


Bonnie Skane Memorial Scholarship

Miranda Martone, Mashpee


  1. H. Snow Family Scholarship

Amanda Rich, Brewster


Winthrop T. Trenholm Memorial Scholarship

Kelsey Pozerski, Sandwich


Megan Tripp Memorial Scholarship

Neil Foley, Yarmouth

Jordan Jensen, Falmouth

Emily Winslow, Yarmouth


Esther M. Wallace Scholarship

Ethan Clifford, Barnstable

Kylee Denesha, Bourne

Matthew Donlan, Falmouth

Darby Gavin, Orleans

Brianna Joyce, Barnstable

Kyle Kenney, Mashpee

Patricia LeBoeuf, Barnstable

Kathryn Preston, Barnstable

Haylee Whiteley, Chatham

Breanna Whitney, Chatham


Michael B. Wallace Memorial Scholarship

Olivia Caprio, Barnstable


Patricia A. Ward Memorial Nauset Nursing/Medical Scholarship

Jordan Frisbie, Chatham


Bev Watters Memorial Scholarship

Sydney Panton, Barnstable


Frank X. and Mary E. Weny Scholarship

Colton Leach, Orleans


Henry and Minnie Whittemore Scholarship

Alec Milesky, Brewster

Samuel Myers, Brewster

Claire Roycroft, Brewster


Joseph F. Woodson Scholarship

Nicholas Coelho, Yarmouth


World Concern Scholarship

Christopher Wingard, Brewster


YES! Art Scholarship

Rafael Freelund, Barnstable


June A. Zenke Memorial Scholarship

Hannah Garside, Chatham

Molly Pelletier, Chatham


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