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The Harwich Fund Awards $2,000 to Friends of Harwich Council on Aging

SOUTH YARMOUTH—The Harwich Fund of The Cape Cod Foundation recently awarded $2,000 to Friends of Harwich Council on Aging (COA) for the development and deployment of its “Living YOUR Best Life” program. To date, The Harwich Fund has awarded over $8,500 to nonprofits addressing the needs of Harwich residents of all ages impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Harwich COA Director Emily Mitchell said the pandemic has increased anxiety and isolation among seniors who face the highest health and mortality risks. She also said many community, respite, and in-home programs designed to serve older adults remain on hold or have been greatly modified, creating a gap in services.

The Harwich COA’s program intends to fill the gap with a 10-week, evidence-based course designed to provide participants with tools to build their resiliency so they can adapt well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, or significant sources of stress.

“There could be no better time to work with older adults in our community to develop tools and strategies that expand resilience,” Mitchell added. “Simultaneously, we recognize that building resiliency is valuable in all contexts. When this pandemic is firmly in the rearview mirror, we still envision a role for this program in helping folks address more ‘ordinary’ difficulties and stresses.”

Jack Brown, President of Friends of Harwich COA, said, “We are pleased to partner with Emily and her team with ‘Living YOUR Best Life’ and will continue to seek other meaningful programs that support older adults in Harwich.”

Brian Scheld, Chair of The Harwich Fund’s Advisory Committee said, “While we have been focused on helping nonprofit organizations responding to needs caused by the pandemic, as we move forward, we will also support the town’s historic, cultural, and environmental projects and programs.”

Those wishing to donate to The Harwich Fund can visit or send a check payable to The Harwich Fund to: The Cape Cod Foundation, 261 Whites Path, Unit 2, South Yarmouth, MA 02664.

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