Always a small community boy at heart, Elliott came to Cape Cod as a community banker after 17 years in Boston.  Improving the entire community became an important part of his job as a banker, and he has continued that work after retirement.

Elliott has served on the Board of 18 Cape Cod non-profit organizations, including as Chairman of Cape Cod Hospital, CAPE Cod Community College, the Center for Coastal  Studies and the Brewster Community Preservation Committee.  He currently chairs the Finance Committee for the Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance.

Elliott and his wife Sue live in Brewster where their two daughters went to school.  Sue served as Librarian at the Brewster Ladies Library.

~ What has inspired you to serve as a member of the Cape Cod Foundation Board of Directors?

"I am inspired to serve on the board by the sense that non-profit organizations are as important as the profit motive to the fabric of our society."