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Cape Cod Foundation Offers Multitude of Scholarship Opportunities

The Cape Cod Foundation is accepting applications for its 2018 scholarship program.  Last year, the organization awarded $420,000 in scholarships to 138 local students.

The Foundation administers about 75 scholarships created by individual donors, businesses, and community groups for all types of students and educational pursuits. Awards typically range from $500-$8,000 per recipient. Many students will be eligible for multiple scholarships.

“No two scholarships are alike,” said Dara Gannon, the Foundation’s Director of Programs and Donor Services. “and while many scholarships are geared towards graduating high school seniors or students already in college, we also have scholarships for adult learners.”

The Cape Cod Women’s Association (CCWA), one of the Foundation’s newest scholarship funds, joins a growing group of scholarships that address the educational needs of adults. It supports adult women who live on Cape Cod and plan to enroll in undergraduate or graduate courses, certificate programs, professional leadership courses, or other educational programs that will advance their careers.  This year, the CCWA Fund will award a total of $3,000.

Other newly-created scholarships are also representative of the diverse opportunities available. Some scholarships are only available to graduates from certain high schools or residents of specific Cape towns; others are targeted to students attending specific colleges and universities.  Still others are targeted to students pursuing certain studies: business, health sciences, computer engineering, education or fine or applied arts.

The Stephen Bernard Memorial Scholarship will award two $2,500 scholarships, one to a graduating high school senior from Cotuit, and one to a resident from Chatham.  Preference is given to students with a demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit. 

The David Willard Cape Cod Technology Council STEM scholarship will award $1,000 to a high school senior planning to major in a STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) at Cape Cod Community College.

“We are honored to work with so many caring members of our community to help advance the educational pursuits of students no matter what stage of their lives or careers they may be in,” said Gannon. 

For information on the scholarships available through the Foundation and the online application, visit For assistance, contact Program Assistant Carrie Thornburg-Bearse at 508.790.3040 or 

Anyone interested in creating or contributing to an existing scholarship can call Cape Cod Foundation President and CEO Kristin O’Malley at 508.790.3040, donate online at or mail a check, payable to the appropriate scholarship fund, to: The Cape Cod Foundation 261 Whites Path, Unit 2, South Yarmouth, MA, 02664.

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Together, we have invested more than $75 million in grants and scholarships in the Cape Cod Community. For good.

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