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Our Funds

Our Funds

The Cape Cod Foundation currently manages more than 300 individual funds.  Each one was created by an individual or group of people who wanted to support something that mattered to them. While no two are exactly alike, they all support nonprofit organizations, the heartbeat of our communities. Together, they power up arts & cultural experiences, scholarships and educational programs, environmental and conservation projects, health & human services, housing initiatives, and community and economic development throughout the Cape Cod region.  For good.


The following nonprofits have established an Agency Endowment Fund with The Cape Cod Foundation to build long-term financial stability for their organizations and to receive support from the Foundation's investment management professionals.  If you would like to donate to one of the organization's listed below, please click on the fund name to be redirected to the organization's website.

Established to provide permanent funds to the Upper Cape AIDS Network.

Brewster Historical Society, Inc. Fund
Established to provide funds to the Agency and for the charitable purposes of the Agency.

Camp Wingate *Kirkland Alumni Fund
Established to support scholarships for campers at Camp Wingate *Kirkland.

Cape Cod Children’s Place, Inc. Fund
Established to provide funds to the Agency for the charitable purposes of the Agency.

Cape Cod Council of Churches Fund
A permanent resource for the Council of Churches, a group that seeks to be the unifying body of the Cape’s religious organizations.

Cape Symphony Orchestra Fund
Established as a permanent resource for the Cape Symphony Orchestra, a performing arts and educational institution.

Center for Coastal Studies Fund
Established for the benefit of the Center for Coastal Studies

Established for the benefit of Champ Homes.

Chatham Rotary Foundation Fund
Established for scholarships.

Citizens for the Protection of Waquoit Bay Fund

Community Connections, Inc. Fund

Elder Services of Cape Cod and the Islands, Inc. Fund
Established for the permanent support of Elder Services of Cape Cod and the Islands, Inc., which is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of elders and assisting them to maintain maximum independence and dignity.

Established for the preservation of the Bay and surrounding environment, in memory of Allan Y. Foresman.

Helping Our Women Fund

Housing Legacy Fund
Established for the benefit of Housing Assistance Corporation of Cape Cod.

Jacob Sears Memorial Library Fund
Created by the Library’s Trustees as a permanent resource to promote widespread local support for the library.

Lower Cape Ambulance Association, Inc. Fund
Established to provide funds to the Agency for the charitable purposes of the Agency.

Nauset Endowment Foundation Fund
Established to provide funds to Nauset Endowment Foundation.

Osterville Village Library Foundation Fund

Robert Radtke Memorial Fund, Inc.

South Coastal Counties Legal Services, Inc. Fund

South Yarmouth Library Association Funds (Crocker)
Established to provide funds to purchase books for school age children and enhancements of the South Yarmouth Library building.

South Yarmouth Library Association Funds (Crowell)
Established to provide income for the purchase of books for the South Yarmouth Library Association.

South Yarmouth Library Association Funds (Siemen)
Established to provide funds for visual arts materials.

SYLA Support Fund
Established by the South Yarmouth Library Association to provide funds to the South Yarmouth Library.

The Charlie Wilkerson Endowed Memorial Fund
Established for Gosnold to meet the needs of families affected by addiction and to provide support, intervention and other assistance.

The Kaplan/Eventide Arts Playwriting Prize Fund
A donor-advised fund to support the general charitable interests of the donor.

Virginia Nazro Parks Fund
Established to support the Cotuit Library Association.

West Yarmouth Library Association Endowment Fund
Established to support library services in Yarmouth.

All Other Funds

To view a brief description of a particular fund, click on the fund name.  To maximize its impact, you can also donate to most of these funds through the Foundation's portal.


Advocates for a Community College Education Student Scholarship Fund
Aid to the Homeless
Alexander Ian Foundation Fund
All Cape Piano Fund
American Association of University Women/ Cape Cod Branch Scholarship Fund
American Legion Post #308, Orleans, MA Veterans Fund
American Legion Post #308, Orleans, MA Veterans Scholarship and Toolship Fund
Andrew Fayne Memorial Scholarship Fund
Andrew S. and Katherine Y. Keck Fund
Anne and Kenneth Brock Fund
Anne and Kenneth Brock Music Fund
Annie S. Crowell Scholarship Fund
Anthony Family Fund
Arethusa Charitable Trust
Armand L. Bruneau and Muriel B. Bruneau Memorial Scholarship Fund
Arts & Humanities Student Outreach Fund


Barbara Carol Wineman Fund
Barnstable County Educational Loan Fund
Barnstable High School Class of 2009 Dean Boger Scholarship
Behavioral Health Provider Coalition Fund
Bev Watters Memorial Scholarship Fund
Bill Cotter Memorial Scholarship Fund
Bonnie Skane Charitable Fund
Breast Cancer Reconstructive Surgery Fund
Brian and Nancy Scheld Foundation Fund
Brigadier General (Ret.) John F. Flanagan, Jr. Scholarship Fund
Bud Klingenstein Scholarship and Award Fund


Cape and Atlantic Challenge Fund
Cape and Atlantic Challenge Fund #2
Cape Cod Child Development Program Fund
Cape Cod Foundation Community Partner Fund
Cape Cod Foundation Scholarship Fund
Cape Cod Healthcare Nurse Continuing Education Fund
Cape Cod Investment Club Scholarship Fund Honoring James H. Cummings
Cape Cod PATH Fund
Cape Cod Pet Collective Fund
Cape Cod Restaurant Scholarship Fund
Cape Cod Substance Abuse Prevention Fund
Cape Cod Women and Girls Fund
Cape Cod Women's Association Scholarship Fund
Cape Cod Young Professionals Career Connect Scholarship Fund
Cape & Islands Suicide Prevention Coalition Fund
Cape & Islands Suicide Prevention Designated Fund
Cape Liberty Fund
Cape Women's Coalition
Carol Fund
Caroline B. Chapin Scholarship Fund
Carolyn Van Vleck Pratt Fund for the Arts
Caron Wood Cape Pros Foundation Fund
CCF Fund for the Arts
CCYP Endowment Fund
CCYP Giving Circle Fund
CCYP Main Pass-Through Fund
Chai-Maginn Foundation Fund
Charlie Clifford Fund
Charlotte Benner Fund for the Benefit of the Cape Museums of Fine Arts
Charlotte M. Hamill Fund
Chatham Angel Fund
Chatham Angel Revolving Loan Fund
Chatham Fund
Child & Family Services of Cape Cod Fund
Civic Leadership Endowment Fund
Civic Leadership Fund (Board Created)
Clifford Fund
Coach P Scholarship of Sportsmanship
Community Fund
Community Fund for Young People
Community Health Network Area 27 Fiscal Sponsor Fund
Cotuit Foundation for the Arts Fund


Daniel Bradley Gaylord Memorial Scholarship Fund
David A. Hall Memorial Open Space Legacy Fund
David and Gail Oppenheim Family Fund
David Bruce Cole Classical Music Fund
David Fisk Scudder Fund
David Willard Cape Cod Technology Council STEM Scholarship Fund
Daysie Day Scholarship Fund
Deanne Beede Anson Fund
Derek Jordan Limitless Scholarship Fund
Dick Kraus Scholarship for Scientific Thinking
Disability Achievement Fund
Dismantling Systemic Racism Through Community Action Scholarship Fund
Dolphin Dash Fund
Dolphin Fund for Cape Cod
Donald C. McGraw Foundation Family Fund
Dorothy F. and George W. Cahoon, Jr. Fund
Dorothy W. and Charles M. Campbell Scholarship Fund
Dr. Andrew V. Mason and Edith B. Mason Memorial Fund


Educational Foundation for Dennis and Yarmouth, Inc. Fund
Edward D. Cliggott Memorial Scholarship Fund
Eleanor Ruth Parsons Gleason Scholarship Fund
Elena C Hall Scholarship Fund
Elizabeth C. and Moncrieff M. Cochran Memorial Trust Fund
Elizabeth Garner Martin Fund
Environmental Trust Fund of Cape Cod
Ernest Michael Helides and Evelyn Ponticos Helides Education Fund
Ernest Michael Helides and Evelyn Ponticos Helides Scholarship Fund
Esther M. Wallace Scholarship Fund
Ethel E. Schmidt Trust Fund


Falmouth Aquatics Fund
Falmouth Fund
Florence G. Scott Charitable Fund
Foundation for Family Education
Frank X. and Mary E. Weny Scholarship Fund
Fred and Eileen Cuda Fund
Friends of Bass River Fund
Fund for Cape Elderly
Fund for the Benefit of CCYP
Fund for the Benefit of Disabled American Veterans of Falmouth Chapter 81
Fund for the Benefit of Falmouth Public Library
Fund for the Benefit of Fisher College
Fund for the Benefit of Jonathan Bourne Public Library
Fund for the Benefit of the Barnstable Education Foundation
Fund for the Benefit of the Cape Cod Times Needy Fund


GALE Endowment Fund
Gardening for Food Fund
Gay and Lesbian Equity Fund
George E. Parmenter Aeronautical Scholarship Fund
George V. Albert, Sr. Educational Fund
Gordon T. Heald Fund
Great Expectations Fund


Harry and Barbara Angus Fund
Harry and Barbara Angus Grantmaking Fund
Harwich Class of '49 Scholarship Fund
Healthy Aging Cape Cod
Healthy Living Cape Cod Fund
Henry and Minnie Whittemore Scholarship Fund
Henry W. and Lucy B. Patterson Charitable Fund
H.H. Snow Family Scholarship Fund
HopeHealth Fund
Hundred Acre School at Heritage Museums and Gardens Scholarship Fund
Hyannis Fire Department Scholarship Fund
Hyannis Normal School Alumni Scholarship Fund
Hyannis Port Community Fund


Ivor Cornman and Margaret E. Cornman Fund
Ivor Cornman and Margaret E. Cornman Fund for the Benefit of the Woods Hole School


Jack Harrison Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jacquelin W. Scarbrough Fund
James and Marianne Crowley Fund
James Holland Davis Fund
Janet T. Spence Fund
Jay Elliott Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jean B. Edgerly Memorial Fund
Jean Hamilton Memorial Fund
Jean Hamilton Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jean W. Gordon Scholarship Fund
Jennifer AND BRACKETT Clark Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jesse & Juanita Grimes Fund for Humanitarian Services
J. G. Hinkle Scholarship Fund
John B. Tew Family Fund
Joseph F. Jr. and Louise L. Conlan Fund
Joseph F. Woodson Scholarship Fund
Joshua A. Nickerson Society Fund
June A. Zenke Scholarship Fund


K9 Sgt. Gannon Self-Sponsor Scholarship
Kaitlin M. Silk Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kaplan Fund
Kelley Foundation Scholars Program Fund
Ketchum-Luft Scholarship Fund
Kids & Teens Behavioral Health Assessment Center Fund
Kirk MacSwan Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kristen Elizabeth Davis Memorial Endowment Fund


Laurie's Limo Fund
Lawrence-Lynch Corp. Foundation for Charitable Giving
Leo Lucas Memorial Scholarship Fund
Linda and William Zammer Foundation Fund
Live for Lou Athletes Scholarship Fund
Live for Lou addicition awareness and education Scholarship Fund
Live for Lou Fund
Lizzie Stimson Memorial Scholarship Fund for the Performing and Creative Arts
Logan Dunne Memorial Scholarship Fund
Lois Ord Gillilan Fund
Lou Colombo Music Fund
Lyons Family Trust Fund


Malcolm M. Gidley Memorial Scholarship Fund
Margot E. Leslie-Dustow Fund
Mark Edward Thayer Memorial Fund
Mary and Redwood Wright Fund
Mary C. Wright Charitable Gift Annuity Fund
Mary K. Morgan Fund
Massicott Family Trust Fund
max springer holocaust education fund
Mears Family Fund
Megan Tripp Memorial Scholarship Fund
Melissa Gifford Memorial Scholarship Fund
Michael B. Wallace Memorial Scholarship Fund
Michael H. Cole Charitable Giving Fund
Milton and Natalie Shaw Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mollie Hirshberg Fund
Monomoy Regional Golf Program Fund
Murray and Elinor Rust Fund


Namequoit Fund
Nayree Painted Turtle Fund
nicholas G. Xiarhos Memorial Foundation Fund
Nonprofit Leadership Fund
No Place for Hate Falmouth Fund


O'Keefe Family Charitable Fund
Opera New England of Cape Cod Scholarship Fund
Orleans/Eastham Ambulance Association Scholarship Fund
Orleans United Methodist Church Fund


Patricia A. Ward Memorial Nauset Nursing/Medical Scholarship Fund
Patricia Colbert Donovan Memorial Scholarship Fund
Patricia Gidley-Price Fund
Patricia M. Duarte Scholarship Fund
Patrick M. Butler Charitable Fund
Patrick M. Butler Memorial Scholarship Fund
Paul Dever Daley & Robert Joyce Scholarship Fund
Permanent Freshwater Fund
Permanent Fund for the Benefit of Cape Cod Museum of Art
Permanent Fund for the Benefit of Independence House Endowment
Permanent Fund for the Benefit of the Association for the Preservation of Cape Cod Fund
Permanent Fund for the Benefit of the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History Fund-2
Peter Kirwin Memorial Fund
Philip "PJ" Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund
Police Unity Tour Fund
Priscilla M. Cotter Fund for Youth Activities
Priscilla M. (Wittenmeyer) Cotter Memorial Scholarship Fund
Provincetown Fishermen's Memorial Fund
PSD Fund for Working Families
PTSD Veterans Memorial Fund


Quaid Family Scholarship Fund
Quinn El-Fayoumy Fund for Osterville


Richard & Ethel Koff Memorial Scholarship Fund
Roberta A. Guzzetta Scholarship Fund
Roberta Hurlburt Fund
Robert and Alison Ament Donor-Advised Fund
Robert and Claire Munroe Woods Hole Golf Club Scholarship Fund
Robert B. Ryder Charitable Fund
Robert Cooke Memorial Fund
Robert D. and Shirlee G. Burd Animal Welfare Fund
Robert H. Taylor Foundation Fund
Robert Townsend and Ann Ryder Townsend Fund
Robert W. Miskinis Charitable Fund
Robert W. Miskinis Charitable Scholarship Fund
Rodriguez/Lynch Fund for Charitable Giving
Rogers & Gray Insurance Agency Charitable Foundation Fund
Rosemary and Victor von Schlegell Fund
Roslyn Praise Margolin Scholarship Fund
Ruckert Family Fund
Ruth and Gerry Fischbach Family Fund
Ruth B. Sears Scholarship Fund
Ryan Family Amusements Scholarship Fund


sacconnesset veterans outreach Fund
Sally T. Duplaix Fund
Samuel D'Olimpio Scholarship Fund
Sandwich Legacy Scholarship Fund
Scarbrough Adult Learner Scholarship Fund
Sea Call Farm Supporters Fund
Sean Breen Memorial Scholarship Fund
Sean M. Gannon Memorial Fund
Seaside LeMans Fund
Shepley Wide Open Fund
Shostak Scholarship Fund
Singer Family Charitable Fund
Smith Family Foundation Fund
Sosner/Sugarman Donor-Advised Fund
South Wellfleet Neighborhood Association Scholarship Fund
Stanley and Sandra Harlan Gadomski Wildlife Preservation Fund
Stanley V. Margolin Scholarship Fund
Stephen Bernard Memorial Scholarship Fund
Strokes Fore Stroke
Summersgill Family Fund
Suzanne Dyer Wise Development Fund
Swift Family Fund


TD Bank Fund
Thayer Family Fund
The Akili Fund
The Beverly Fund
The Briggs Fund
The Brown Family Fund
The Charlotte Benner Fund for the Visual Arts
The Charlotte Benner Fund for the Benefit of the Cape Cod Center for the Arts
The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod Fund
The Davenport Companies Fund
The Euphemia Dobbie Memorial Fund
The Fund for Sandwich
The Harwich Fund
The Kingston Fund
The La Tanzi, Spaulding & Landreth Scholarship Fund
The Rapaport Fund
Thomas and Dorothy Travers Fund
Thomas Andrew George Memorial Scholarship Fund
Thomas C. McGowan Fund for Animals
TK's 10K Fund
Toby Sanders Scholarship Fund
Toop Family Fund
Total Athletics of Cape Cod Fund
Trenor F. Goodell Fund
Trey Helliwell Memorial Fund
Truro Public Library Endowment Fund


Valerie Gunderson Osiecki Fund
Vito Pini Fund


We Can Fund
Whitcomb Family Trust Fund
Willett Foundation Fund
William and Anne Snow Designated Fund
William "Rusty" Cotter Memorial Scholarship Fund
Winthrop T. Trenholm Memorial Scholarship Fund
World Concern Scholarship Endowment Fund
Worthington Campbell, Jr. Fund




Create your own fund. Donate to an existing fund. Support the Foundation’s Civic Leadership Initiatives.

Together, we have invested more than $80 million in grants and scholarships in the Cape Cod Community. For good.

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