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Recruiting and retaining effective leadership and staff are critical to every nonprofit organization’s success. Because compensation and benefits figure into every hire, it’s important to have current reliable data for the Cape & Islands.  That’s why The Cape Cod Foundation helped fund a study, Valuing Our Nonprofit Workforce, conducted by TSNE MissionWorks.  The report includes comprehensive data on compensation and benefits for the nonprofit workforce in Southern New England and Westchester County, NY. Prior to this study, there wasn’t adequate data about compensation and benefits for the nonprofit workforce in our unique region. The searchable compensation database includes data for more than 170 jobs held by more than 35,000 individuals. The 200+ page downloadable report also has a wealth of interesting information.  The resource is free and accessible to all.

2016: CONNECT Cape Cod
CONNECT Cape Cod is an online community resource for nonprofit organizations, government officials, researchers, funders, and other stakeholders. The Urban Institute’s National Center for Charitable Statistics created the online tool.  In 2016, The Cape Cod Foundation purchased the “shell” and worked with the institute’s staff to customize the information and presentation for the Cape Cod community. Having access to a central data source and virtual space gives people the opportunity to learn, share, connect, and collaborate with each other easily. Community members can: access local data pre-populated with updated IRS and census information; map local resources, programs, and community needs; find information on training and other educational opportunities; connect with consultants; post job openings; and share documents, among other benefits.  The Foundation is currently identifying and reviewing the most frequently accessed resources on the original platform to keep and maintain.

Youth Development has been at the heart of The Cape Cod Foundation’s Civic Leadership Work since it was established in 1989. Over the course of several years, we served as Lead Agency for the development of the Cape-wide Youth Action plan released in 2014. The goal was to develop an action plan that strategically shaped Cape Cod into a healthy, empowering place where families feel supported and all young people can thrive.  The plan was developed over several years through an extensive community effort involving residents, community leaders, service providers, parents, and youth. It provides a demographic overview of the community and background information on the issues impacting youth and families living on Cape Cod. The plan includes 68 recommendations for strategic development and change. As lead agency, the Foundation guided the vision and strategy, supported aligned activities, built public will, and mobilized funding to advance the project. Since its release, the Cape-wide Youth Action plan has been a valuable resource for the community and has helped guide the Foundation’s grantmaking decisions for continued Youth Development.


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